17 mars 2013

La critique de "Celtic Folk Punk"

L'excellent blog espagnol "Celtic Folk Punk" a rédigé une agréable critique de "Rock Noz Band"

Celtic Folk Punk Blog

"Even if The Chieftains released an album about Bretton music in 1987 and one of the biggest Celtic festivals in the world is held in Lorient (Brittany), the average Celtic fan is not familiar with the bands coming from this area. The likes of Alan Stivell, Dan Ar Braz and Kornog are well-known, together with newcomers such as Bretton punks Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs and 40 years old folk rock band Tri Yann. But other interesting Celtic rock outfits (Ar Re Yaouank, Wig a Wag …) are not well-known outside of France.
Caliorne is a 6 piece band that could fill this gap, playing the traditional airs of Bretton music (an dro, gavotte, laridé …) with a rock twist."

Lire la suite... (en anglais)

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